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Our Story

Overworked, underslept, and undernourished.
The stressful demands of today's society have taken a dramatic toll on our everyday health, vitality, and happiness. As a result, common illnesses, aches, and ailments have started to rear their ugly head earlier than expected – driving an unhealthy compulsion for prescription medication.

We’re here to change that. At Berryheal, we are on a mission to reconnect people with Earth's most potent, hidden treasures using one of history's best-kept secret: Sea Buckthorn.

Green, Clean

Our cutting-edge Supercritical Co2 Extraction method enables us to extract Sea Buckthorn Oil at its highest potency, ensuring maximum nutrition for optimal results.

What Sets Us Apart

Berryheal is a science-backed health supplement brand that specializes in producing 100% plant based supplements from natureʼs most potent & nutrient-rich superfruit – Sea Buckthorn.


Supercritical CO2 process extracts key nutrients without risk of oxidation


Single point control from berry picking to packing


External lab certification to validate nutritional values


Our Oil in capsules is USDA organic and FDA certified

Meet Our Founder

Vishnu TaimniFounder – Berryheal

Vishnu has held various senior leadership positions in the Technology industry with multinationals like HP & Compaq that required him to live and travel across multiple locations in Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and the US.

Having firsthand experienced the negative health effects of a highly stressed and demanding lifestyle and the side effects of prescription medication that go along with it, it brought him to the belief that Mother Nature holds the answer to all our health needs.

After countless nights of research and planning, he stumbled upon a goldmine – a superfruit called Sea Buckthorn. A nutrient powerhouse that grows at over 10,000 ft in Himalayan glaciers, contains potent nutrients, Omegas, and rare Antioxidants, and its legend is known to have fuelled the unstoppable armies of Ghenghis Khan. With this discovery, he embarked on a mission to share this remarkable resource through the brand – Berryheal.

Invest In Yourself

Boost your health, vitality and well-being with our 100% plant-based products. Our powerful ingredients and science-backed nutrition work synergistically to enhance your daily well-being.

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